Monday, October 3, 2011

Kickin' It Off Right

There is no better way to kick off WyldLife than with a club where getting messy is the goal.

For some reason, kids just love throwing stuff at each other and smothering their leaders' faces with gunk, like shaving cream. And so that's exactly what we did last Friday.

If you had seen the week I had, attempting to pull off what we had originally planned for our first club, you probably would have told me to chill out. We had created the ultimate paint war, and all of the high school leaders were so excited to do it. Unfortunately, the county parks department was less than thrilled at our plan, and they adamantly told us that ABSOLUTLELY NO PAINT was allowed at the park. It made no difference that we are a non-profit organization dedicated to kids.

And so, after briefly considering how much better it would have been to just do the paint war without talking to the park people and kicking myself for calling them, I realized I had done the right thing, and we had to respect their request. I was forced to come up with Plan B: colored water and shaving cream fight. 

It didn't quite work out the way we had planned, but it was far and above my expectations. About 50 kids showed up, and after the privilege of introducing the leaders and talking about Jesus raising a 12-year-old girl from the dead, we had an all-out shaving cream brawl.

In spite of all of my worrying and fretting and freaking out, God pulled through. Car-fulls of kids I had never even seen before showed up, and those kids heard about the love of Jesus.

Pray for us as we follow up with these kids! Can't wait to continue telling them about Jesus!

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