Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, I'm home from my eighth WydlLife summer camp, and this year was truly spectacular.  Too many holy moments to include in a few brief words here, but there is one unforgettable experience I'll share.

I had the joy of leading a cabin of five energetic, hilarious, and beautiful seventh grade girls, two of which attended a bible study I led second semester. All of these girls are familiar with the Gospel, most of them have church-going families, and all of them were hungry for an encounter with the Living God. And encounter Him they did.

On the third day of camp, kids were confronted with the truth about sin, and it struck these girls hard. As difficult as it is to process the reality of our separation from our Creator, they got it. They understood, after a very lengthy cabin time, how much they need Jesus. When it was time for the message of the Cross that night, they were anxious to know how to have a relationship with the God who loved them enough to conquer the power of sin Himself. 

The next day, the girls kept telling me during our one-on-ones (leaders try to spend one-on-one time with each kid in their cabin to help process the talks and the week of camp) that they had never heard God talked about that way, and they wanted to know more.  The entire camp went on a grueling (but short) hike that reached a peak with beautiful views of Pike's Peak and the surrounding mountains.  And, as we gathered in our group with the Father's masterpiece as our backdrop, the girls all agreed: they wanted to be sure of their salvation and begin a relationship with the God of love.  I led them in prayer, and that morning, the Kingdom of God was greater because five beautiful young girls gave their lives to Jesus.  Whether they had prayed this prayer before, or for the very first time, that morning marked the start of a journey of faith for each of them, and I was honored to be present.

This photo is of the girls at the top of the hike, just after they entered the Kingdom! Praise God for calling His sweet daughters to Himself this week! Now the real work begins: after I get back from my summer assignment at Crooked Creek, we'll be starting up Campaigners bible study again and working through the book of John.  Can't wait to show these girls how to follow the King!

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